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What is a sediment trap?

Southern Nevada. Out in homes we are noticing, more often than not, that certain required appliances are missing this important safety device. So, then, what is a sediment trap, and why do I need it?

What is Thermal Imaging?

It is NOT X-ray, it will not allow you to see things behind walls.... "Thermal Imaging," or "Infrared Imaging," refers to a technology that allows a camera, or other device, to view and photograph any given area and display temperature differentials for what is in the image.

Should you waive a home inspection? InterNACHI’s Nick Gromicko talks.

We always recommend our clients get a home inspection. Waiving a home inspection is a decision that may open you up to costly repairs in the future. Please refer to the interesting article discussing the topic of home inspection, and with a…
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Do Home Inspectors require a license to perform home inspections?

Currently, in the United States, there are 29 states that require licensing for their inspectors to perform home inspections, and Nevada is a state that requires their home inspectors to be licensed. I wanted to . . .

Appraiser vs Home Inspector

Some questions we hear often are "What is the difference between an Appraiser and a Home Inspector?" And "Do I need both?" First, on the . . .