Currently, in the United States, there are 29 states that require licensing for their inspectors to perform home inspections, and Nevada is a state that requires their home inspectors to be licensed.

I wanted to take a moment to discuss inspector credentials. There are “Licensed” inspectors, with licensing obtained through a governing body, such as a State. And there are “Certified” inspectors, with certifications obtained through an organization, like InterNACHI for example. State licensing typically requires the inspector to obtain classroom education, followed by a Nationally accredited examination on home inspecting. After that, a certain amount of hours performing inspections in the field with a…..

There are many memes out there that convey this simple message. There are always cheaper ways to get something done.

Whether it is hiring a mechanic for your vehicle, hiring a contractor to perform work on your home, or even hiring a home inspector. There is always someone willing to undercut pricing to make themselves the cheapest. But honestly, as true with anything you spend your hard earned money on, the saying is accurate….”you get what you pay for.” Those guys willing to be the “cheapest,” are there to do as many inspections as they can to make money, which means they are not as attentive to each individual one. A home inspection is peace of mind for the most important purchase of your life, be confident that your money is well spent, and your inspection is sound.

Whomever you select to perform your home inspection, put your trust into a company who puts their focus on the work itself, being thorough, using the right equipment, and having the best education….before their price.