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As we enter into the hot Vegas summer months, one luxury that makes the brutal three digit temperatures bearable is a pool. But how safe is yours, especially for your children?

Here is a simple list of safety features that you should have to keep your pool from becoming a danger to your family.

  1. A barrier. Typically the pool would be located in a fenced in area, separate from access with traditional means, such as the back glass door, or side yard entry. This fenced in area would be accessible via a self-closing and self-latching gate, that would open out and away from the pool, to prevent children from running up and pushing the gate open.
  2. Door alarms installed on any point of entry to the back yard where the pool is located, such as the back sliding glass door, or the pool barrier gate itself, that would alert the home to a child accessing the pool area.
  3. Anti-vortex drain cover. These covers prevent the drain from becoming a dangerous hazard itself. Pool drains use powerful suction to move the water, filter it, and keep the pool clean. The main drain requires an anti-vortex cover to prevent dangers such as a child swimming and getting their hair caught in the suction, which can pull them and trap them below, causing a drowning hazard.

These are three basic safety features to have in a pool area, especially with children. For more information on pool safety, check out this website: https://www.poolsafely.gov/