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The Las Vegas housing market continues to sizzle in 2021. The median price of a single family home was $295,000 in August 2020. Currently, the median price if a single family home, as of July 2021, is $385,000, it has increased $90,000 in less than a year. This is great news for home owners in the valley, as it is a sellers market. With the state of the market, sellers have such an advantage, especially as they typically receive multiple offers for thousands above the value of their home. Often times, prospective buyers will forego a home inspection to make their offer look more appealing to a seller. This is a dangerous road to take, as often times after purchase, a new homeowner may have tens of thousands of dollars of repairs to make on a home, and this takes them completely by surprise.

There are many options available out there to make sure you are purchasing a home that is safe for you and your family. Naturally, the first recommendation is a full home inspection. If that doesn’t work for you, as you may be trying to appeal to the seller, then we suggest checking into walk through inspections. These are not a full home inspection, but more of a simple walk through with the home inspector of  the property you are interested in purchasing. The inspector wont take any photos or make any notes, but they will look at any area that may be costly, or a safety concern, and let the potential buyer know. These inspections are a fraction of the cost of a normal inspection, and not as thorough, but they are better than no inspection at all. Protect your assets.

Additionally, there are inspections sellers may get to be confident in the home they put up for sale, and that it is safe.

If you are a buyer, or a seller, and you are interested in a home inspection, pre-listing inspection, or walk through, check us out.